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To usher in a new era of authentic artistic representation of American Deaf people.

We are about the recognition of how ASL has evolved, the acknowledgement of Deaf history, and the rich diversity of regional dialects within American Deaf culture around the country. The importance of remaining true to those narratives portrayed in storytelling for the stage and on camera.

We want Deaf and hard-of-hearing talent (directors, actors, playwrights, screenwriters, choreographers, dancers,... etc - the Collective) to have confidence, to shine doing what they do best, without worry or concern of job loss due to ignorance caused by lack of knowledge or exposure.

Our company aims to change that.  To encourage education.  To allow all artists to thrive.

A light-skinned mixed-race woman standing against a deep blue backdrop,

Her dark hair is in a high bun, and she is wearing a maroon short-sleeved top.

Areas of Practice

Theater, television, film, commercial, dance, and other artistic ventures utilizing American Sign Language.

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